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  1. 27 Apr '09 01:37
    Was at a very strong Allegro today full of GM's, IM's, FM's.

    Street Fighter beat GM Andrew Greet.
    He gave me the a scribbled down score but it's wonky after move 11.

    anyway just finsished a Corner covering the event.

    Couple of good games on there.

    Here are the first 11 moves of SF's game, it fits in with another
    thread where you guys were discussing Queenless games.

    He will I'm sure come on and give the complete game.
  2. Standard member Exuma
    27 Apr '09 03:55
    Congrats! Look forward to the full game
  3. 27 Apr '09 06:17
    Isn't Greet an IM?
  4. Standard member Cimon
    27 Apr '09 06:26 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Squelchbelch
    Isn't Greet an IM?
    Indeed. He seems to be IM.
  5. 27 Apr '09 06:37
    Originally posted by Cimon
    Indeed. He seems to be IM.
    But Greet is a Great IM, which almost makes him a GM.
  6. 27 Apr '09 07:36
    Think this is it?! Not a particularly interesting game but I enjoyed it : )
  7. 27 Apr '09 08:46 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Squelchbelch
    Isn't Greet an IM?
    Thanks for coming on SF.
    (11.Kc1 was missing on the note you gave me).

    Yes Andrew greet is an IM

    but if I had put.

    Our Own Street Fighter beats an IM

    You would not have bothered looking, Sf knocks over IM's every weekend.

    ( OK it was a lemon - but look at the time of the post and I think
    you all know by now that Sunday nights is for drinking heavily, playing
    blitz chess and chasing loose women).

    Anyway Andrew Greet will be a GM one day.
  8. 27 Apr '09 08:57
    GMs losing: McNab lost to a 2218, Aagaard lost to a 2145; G-P should have somehow dug up one of those games.

    It is strange to see four GMs competing but none of them has had to play against another GM!! There were only six rounds...
  9. 27 Apr '09 09:42 / 1 edit
    Hi Heinz

    As I said not everybody kept a score, (two players did and their scores were incomplete).

    I did not turn up till after round 3 so missed the 1st round shock when
    apparently Jacob simply left a Rook hanging.

    (have to watch grandchildren as Mrs GP and daughter GP go to the car boot sale).

    Though there may be more more to it as Spencer won his first 3 games.
    He was in a hot mood till after the lunch break.

    (I don't think Edwin Spencer likes me. I swindled a win from him last
    time we played and he is winning all his games at the Allegro,
    I appear and he losses his next two....)

    Simon Gillam was the controller, he spun the rounds around very quickly
    and nobody seemed to complain about the draw.

    I like to get as many games as I can but trying to get games out of
    players when they have no score sheet is like trying to pull teeth.

    (and when they do the score is wrong!)

    The good news is that the Scottish Chess lads are thinking of buying
    a few of those elctronic boards so the moves are recorded automatically.
  10. 27 Apr '09 21:53
    Here are a couple of wins by GM's from the event-both against myself : ( The self-destruct against Keti who ended up winning the tournament was a bit depressing, but I played more titled players in 1 day yesterday than I have in 40 normal games this year so I was actually extremely pleased. Excellent tournament!

    Burnett,Andrew - Arakhamia-Grant,Ketevan [B38]
    Dragons Rapidplay, 26.04.2009

    Burnett,Andrew - Shaw,John [D15]
    Dragons Rapidplay, 26.04.2009