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  1. 06 Nov '12 03:52 / 2 edits
    greenpawn34 - siddharthsuri (1462) RHP 2012.

    I'm glad all the 1400 players are not like this lad.
    But if they all take their time, develop and don't do anything silly
    (leave that up to me) then there is not much I can do playing trick shot chess.
    Some thoughts I recall.

  2. 06 Nov '12 03:58
    You got a 1776 with a bombed rating, not a 1400.
    I can't tell you how many times I have played a little speculative thinking they'd fall for my tricks, just to find out the guy was underrated.
    It happens to us all.
    Nice tries on the swindle attempts though.
  3. 06 Nov '12 04:06 / 1 edit
    I'm still shaking at him attempting to Ark me.

    This is swindlish.

    Captain Strange - greenpawn34 RHP 2912

  4. Standard member vivify
    06 Nov '12 04:24
    Though I'm going to look incredibly amateurish asking, what is the "Ark"?
  5. 06 Nov '12 04:30 / 2 edits
    This was the trap the lad aiming for . It's a common theme in the Ruy Lopez
    but like all traps that can come from any opening.

    It's called the Ark because it's so old Noah was traping his sons with it
    when they were on the Ark. (see Bible and games VIII and XVII)

  6. Standard member vivify
    06 Nov '12 04:34
    Gotcha. I'll look out for that (or hopefully use it in the future). Thanks.