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  1. Standard member rking00
    Suicide Bishop
    01 Jun '11 20:32
    An old game of mine where i lost an interesting way with the white pieces. Mainly I just wanted to try out the annotation feature...

  2. 02 Jun '11 12:30 / 2 edits
    The annotation thingy is a bit pinickerty and fiddly,
    I find it easier just to put notes after the Black moves..

    Good entertaining game. Pity you missed 21 g4.

    It does kind of scream out at you to be played.

    You mentioned a nice mate in four, no harm in showing it as an add on.
    It is nice.

  3. 02 Jun '11 15:34

    My eyes never left black's kingside until Nxc4.
  4. Standard member rking00
    Suicide Bishop
    02 Jun '11 17:56
    The main lesson I learned from this game is to be patient when you're winning. It's foolish to start rushing moves hoping for a quick win before your opponent logs off. Ironically, in a blitz game I would have been more likely to just play 21.g4 right away. Here I took just enough time to second-guess myself but not enough time to see that the move really was winning. It's certainly not the first time I've done that.