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  1. 04 Oct '09 16:48
    This is a continuation of Thread 118849.

    Our 43. ... h4 was met by 44. Rd1.

    Here is the position with black to move:

    Here is the entire game:

  2. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    04 Oct '09 17:05
    I vote we play h6 and offer a draw
  3. 04 Oct '09 17:10
    Look Out

  4. 04 Oct '09 17:27 / 3 edits
    Why would we offer a draw
  5. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    04 Oct '09 17:28 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    [b]Look Out

    [Event "Edited position"]
    [Site "END-CFB10B3985E"]
    [Date "2009.10.04"]
    [Round "-"]
    [White "-"]
    [Black "-"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [FEN "3R4/p4p1k/r5p1/1N4P1/P6p/1KP2P2/6n1/8 w - - 0 1"]
    [SetUp "1"]

    . . . R . . . .
    p . . . . p . k
    r . . . . . p .
    . N . . . . P .
    P . . . . . . p
    . K P . . P . .
    . . . . . ...[text shortened]... 2. Nc7 Ra5 3. Ne8 h2 4. Rd8 h1=Q 5. Nf6+ Kg7 6. Rg8#
    {White mates} 1-0[/pgn][/b]
    Nice line, but we would be winning easily if we play Rxg5 after either Ne8 or Rd8.

    Edit - I've been beaten to it
  6. 04 Oct '09 18:41
    I think the point still stands that we need to be wary of the rook and knights ability to mate and tactics which might arise because if this

    We have played this game very well so far, it would be a shame to lose in this kind of way. Fairly certain we won't though! All these great chess minds at work...
  7. 04 Oct '09 21:46
    Maybe 44 .. h3 45.Rh1 Nf4
  8. 04 Oct '09 22:16
    why bother with h3? I suggest h1 straight
  9. 04 Oct '09 23:23
    We should just keep the rook for the sac. at the sixth rank.
  10. 05 Oct '09 00:16
    How about Rf6. The point is to next move Rf1 and White must trade rooks or get off of the 1st rank. If he trades rook, we promote the h pawn and win. If he vacates the 1st rank, our two pieces should be able to escort the h pawn to promotion or force White to exchange the rook for the h pawn. Either result wins for us.

    If he attacks our knight with his rook, h3 protects the knight while advancing the h pawn. If he then moves to h1, ..Nf4 protects the h pawn until the rook on the f file can come to the rescue.

    If White opts to snatch our a pawn, we promote the h-pawn before he can promote his a pawn which will be blocked for a move by the knight.
  11. 05 Oct '09 02:59
    I think the above user means Re6 and Re1.
  12. 05 Oct '09 04:00
    Our friend got a good idea.

    it may worth a try, let's analyse it.
  13. 05 Oct '09 04:57
    Originally posted by queen5792
    I think the above user means Re6 and Re1.
    e, f, what's the diff?

    Thank you. I took a bogey on that one.
  14. 05 Oct '09 06:03
    I vote 44...Re6
  15. 05 Oct '09 09:49
    Isn't it funny how similar that idea is to 43...Ne1? plus We shouldn't try to trade rooks we should try to put the knight on e1 or if he moves his rook to h1 we have to find a way of limiting its moves because if we move the rook to e1 he can move his rook to h2 and we lose our pawn. this would have been avoided had we played 43...Ne1. Yes I will rub it in because ...h4 was a terrible move, it limits our knight and it makes the pawn a target which will tie our pieces to defense(worst thing for a piece in an endgame) and he will be threatening to promote.