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Only Chess Forum

  1. 28 Apr '10 14:26

    The latest version ( v4 ) of the Penguin PGN viewer and desktop board for Chess has been released. It is a freeware Windows program and can be downloaded from

    Use Penguin to store and replay your games and the games of the professionals, or as a quick chess board from your desktop. It supports plenty of features. Many lines of play and many games can be held in a file.

    If you have any comments, suggestions and opinions then please do reply to me.

    I hope you will find Penguin a useful product and that it will improve your skill.

    Dariusz Stachowski
  2. 19 Jun '10 12:10

    The Penguin PGN reader / editor is now at version 5. Amongst other improvements, the new release includes support for direct pasting of PGN text.

    Penguin is freeware for Windows and is available from
  3. 19 Jun '10 12:44
    This Penguin PGN thingy thing.

    Do I have to lower my room temprature to -10 to get to work correctly?

    Can you set up postions with Black moving first?

    If so, I may know of someone who could do with your assistance.