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  1. 20 Apr '17 14:28 / 8 edits
    I have just drawn after perpetual check against a wolf jb70. I refer to a marbles game on Popeye clan, which we, humble villagers, won against vampyres and wolves, and - just like in the ending of Assignment movie or in an earlier example, Icpress file movie, he and I had to persuade the third part to shoot the other guy!

    Anyways, in our game at on-going hard core tournament we reached this position after White just made his 33rd move. Me Black

    Black on move.

    I reckoned the position to be "dead draw" and was just about to make a draw offer accompanied with some "hey, wolf" etc, but then I decided to gamble with this Queen ending, I remembered a game (also a recent one) in which I won from lost (or bad position) just because my opponent forgot that his King is too far from my pawns (*also after sudden Queen-exchange).

    So I played 33. ..,a3?!

    I didn't spend much time on it (I am being playing so many games at once, with one purpose: to examine some openings), and I "calculated":
    34. Qxd5 Qe6!! and I win since white King cannot make it to a-file. I was counting on jb70's usual hasty oversights. 😉 White must not take Qe6 but play insetad Qa8, and after ...Qb3 I promote Pawn smoothly.

    Miracolously I was right in this, but computer said I had significant advantage before, and that with 33...Qe6 (instead of 33...a3?) and advancing of my K-pawns I should have won! Wrong evaluation.

    And jb70 did not bite the d5-Pawn, he played

    34. Qa7! Qf8! 35. Kf1! and it ended with perpetual check 15 moves later.

  2. 21 Apr '17 10:45
    I liked.