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  1. 18 Feb '07 17:26
    Even though I used to play a number of years ago I would never have been able to tell you a "Philidor's Position" from a "Lucena" from an "Elbow".

    If you don't know what the Philidor's Position is with regards to pawn and rook endgames, then I strongly suggest that you have a read,

    It can help you pull a draw out of the jaws of defeat.

    For example Game 3104090

    Once you've learned the Philidor's Position, get to grips with the Lucena Position
  2. 18 Feb '07 21:23
    ... and where can we find the "Elbow" ?
  3. 18 Feb '07 21:52
    Originally posted by ivanhoe
    ... and where can we find the "Elbow" ?
    About half way between your wrist and shoulder.
  4. 18 Feb '07 21:58
    I read about both in How to Reassess your chess. I don't fully understand them yet, but I plan on making a few more stops to that part of the book.