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  1. 14 Jun '17 15:27 / 2 edits

    A very short story with a twist and where I got the idea
    from including the RHP game that I used for the story.

    (The games I discarded for the above story appear in the Hall of Doom.)

    A look at a free chess book I was given in the early 70's
    with two good games showing the very first mating pattern.

    A picture of two elephants playing chess.

    Blog Post 360
  2. Subscriber Ponderable
    17 Jun '17 07:33
    Hello Greenpawn,

    a very good read once more. Trciking the devil can't be that easy 😉

    btw did you hide an error to see if people still read and understand?

    under ‘Four Blunders and a Checkmate’

    In the first comment it seems you wanted to write "Qd3+ and Qxf1+" instead of "Qd4+ and Qxg1" or did I get it completely wrong?
  3. 17 Jun '17 12:25
    Hi Ponderable,

    Obviously the devil sneaked back onto the blog did that typo.
    I fixed it (thanks).
  4. 21 Jun '17 11:13
    Forgot top mention in the intro, there is also a link to Paul Motwani's blog
    which he has just started. Keep an eye on it. It will contain some excellent stuff.