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  1. 03 Mar '10 12:29 / 1 edit
    Last night I was given the dubious honour of playing board 1 for the University in the top local division. It meant I was playing my highest ever graded opponent (134 v 173 - I believe his FIDE grade is 2046). I tried to remember all the wisdom about him starting with the same pieces as me and making him prove he was better. The game ended in a draw after a serious time scamble. He got into time trouble by move 20 and I reciprocated by about move 35. The PGN goes further though the end is incomplete although someone was kind enough to keep the score and I hope to get it sometime soon. Endgame mistakes I can see for myself now, but in the middle I find it hard to see improvements. Engines can objectively say x is better than y but can anyone here offer actual plans or give specific reasons for why a continuation is better than what I played?

    The game was a draw and finished with less than a minute each in this position:

    Any input would be welcome

    Edit: In the cold light of day 29. Nh3+ is just clearly better than 29. h4+
  2. 03 Mar '10 13:11

    In this position you played 34.Ne2. A better plan was to penetrate with the king, fix the queenside pawns and then push black back, for instance

    34.Kc5 Be8 35.Kd6 a4 (what else) 36.a3 and I don't see how black can hold it in this position
  3. 03 Mar '10 13:20
    Thanks Mephisto2, when you put it like that a draw feels like a let down!
  4. 03 Mar '10 13:59
    Always remember, the king loves penetration.
  5. Standard member peacedog
    03 Mar '10 15:09
    Originally posted by Maxacre42
    Always remember, the king loves penetration.
    But not when theres Queens about
  6. 03 Mar '10 15:20 / 2 edits
  7. 03 Mar '10 19:59
    11. f4 looks like a good sort of move - you could follow up with e5 and win the f7 pawn. Either that or he has to play Nc4 and have a horrible pawn structure.
  8. 03 Mar '10 22:48
    Hi Meadows.

    Good OTB game. Yes Meph is right there was a smashing position waiting for you
    but clock ticking, higher graded opponent, you may become more worried
    about what he can do than what you can do.

    You will learn some chess from this game but mentally it has toughened you up.

    You know what happens next? You will lose to a 1500 player.
    It happens. Chess can be so cruel.

    Heinzkat has posted some glorious wins v higher graded players.
    2 IM's and a GM!