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  1. Standard member evk
    29 Dec '05 17:10

    I was wondering if anyone would care to share some tips on how they visualize analysis in their head while seated at a (real or on-screen) chessboard. Do you use the board as a backdrop, and imagine the pieces moving around according to possible lines? Or do you have an entire chessboard entirely in your mind's eye that you manipulate?

    I've been using the board as a backdrop, trying to keep track of what pieces have moved, which ones have been captured, etc. in the line that I'm analyzing, but it seems like the presence of the actual, physical pieces in their current position keeps mixing me up after a while. It's making it hard to see more than 4 moves deep.

    I'm finding it very difficult to make progress when I have little confidence in this critical area. Please help!

  2. 29 Dec '05 17:34
    Go to:
    for a report on this subject.