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  1. 10 Nov '11 00:04
    hello, if you look at my game im playing athe moment against .. swimtiger... he just keeps putting me in check and my only move is to move out of it. wll he win eventually after so many moves back and forward? he wont accept my offer of a draw. ty
  2. Standard member nimzo5
    10 Nov '11 00:06
    Instead of offer draw, hit claim draw?
  3. 10 Nov '11 09:26
    Nimzo's right, you've played more than a 3-fold repetition in that game, so next time it is your turn to move you can claim the draw. Perhaps along with a little message to your opponent about benefits of good etiquette in chess! 😉
  4. 10 Nov '11 13:11
    FAQ tells you can claim a draw by threefold rep. But does not tell you how to do it.

    There is a chance that the other lad too did know the threefold rep rule.
    Between them they have played 314 games with only 7 draws.

    The OP was involved in a 3 fold rep before, Game 7482613 moves 63-71
    but it may not have been him who claimed it or perhaps it was just agreed.

    (His opponent in that game 'kqnbrp' has played 149 games with only
    3 draws so there is a chance he too was not aware of the 3 fold rep rule.)
  5. 10 Nov '11 13:59
    it's prohibited to assist a game in progress, no?
  6. 10 Nov '11 14:28
    thanks everyone
  7. Standard member nimzo5
    10 Nov '11 16:05
    Originally posted by watchyourbackrank
    it's prohibited to assist a game in progress, no?
    oh geez...
  8. 10 Nov '11 16:22
    Originally posted by nimzo5
    oh geez...
    Especially now the draw has been declined 😳
  9. 10 Nov '11 17:48
    Pointing out that there is a claim draw button isn't exactly helping the person play chess. It is helping a person to know how the site works.

    I didn't know about the claim draw option either, so I'm glad this topic was brought up. I've had a game where this would have been helpful.
  10. Standard member TimmyBx
    10 Nov '11 18:51
    and just to clarify the rules - you can't claim a draw just because there was a 3 fold repetition at some point in the game. It has to be right after the third (or more) moves of repetition.
  11. 10 Nov '11 19:50
    thanks eladar, thats what i thort! im not asking for help to beat someone but just want to know the rules!!! cheers everyone paul