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  1. Standard member ray george
    ray george
    26 Sep '15 23:08
    Are the points awarded/debited the same for a resignation as for a checkmate
  2. 27 Sep '15 00:25
    Yep! Though next time I recommend posting in the help forum for questions such as this.
  3. 27 Sep '15 11:54
    HI Ray,

    That is actually a nice idea.

    New Rule No.2,568.

    If you lose by time out or resign you get 0 pts. If you get checkmated you get ½ a point.

    I can imagine a tournament where one lad needs just ½ a point to win the tournament
    playing a lad who needs the 3 points to tie the tournament.

    The leader opens f2-f3 and g3-g4 and Black spends the whole game trying not
    to mate him, whilst White spends the whole game trying to get checkmated.


    Having seen some recent games on RHP I'm thinking this rule might already be in place.