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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 27 Aug '11 04:16 has also banned poor old cludi, the game mods at RHP must really be after him to see to it he was banned at another site.
  2. 27 Aug '11 04:30
    yeah the game mods here had anything to do with someone being banned from a site that apparently by your other thread had just banned 1300 wise up.
  3. 27 Aug '11 10:05
    Norris may be saracastic here.
  4. 27 Aug '11 14:01
    I should of put /sarcasm at the end
  5. 27 Aug '11 14:03
    I wonder who posted this message way back in 2008?


    16 Jul '08 06:09

    The only real competitive sites to RHP that Ive seen are which is probably better than RHP now that there is no game moderation here and there is there.

    Amazing that with so called game moderation at more than three years ago so many players there are only being banned now!

    Looks like their moderation process is as bad as every other chess site.

    would like to comment?
  6. 27 Aug '11 19:59 bans proportionately far more of their top 1% highest rated engine users than RHP. Just ask David Tebb or Gatecrasher.