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  1. 24 Jun '09 15:32 / 1 edit
    I'm just posting this so I can retrace how I walked into it. It seems like I'm still falling into low-level, prearranged trap moves. This was during a blitz game. If any of you wish to add any comments or suggestions I welcome it.

    BTW, I'm black. I was able to recover but I was still mad at myself.
  2. 24 Jun '09 15:47
    You shouldn't be playing ... e5 in the Morra gambit. The right place for the pawn is e6, shutting off the a2-g8 diagonal. e7-e5 makes f7 very vulnerable...
  3. 24 Jun '09 19:20 / 1 edit
    He should have taken the bishop then go with Qb3 check and finaly, cxb7, and now black is losing.

    As for the rest, white let his bishop hanging, that is a blunder.
  4. 25 Jun '09 01:46
    If you are going to play the Sicilian at Blitz then you will meet
    the Morra quite often.

    This is a game on here I've looked at a few times, It gives you
    a Black developing plan, a delayed e5 is the key, your e5 was far too
    early, it transposed into a hybrid 1.e4 e5 opening with you tempo down.

    You recovered well - here is the game, even if you don't take
    anything from it, it's entertaining.