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  1. 02 Jul '10 00:50 / 1 edit
    I took some lad's advice in Site Ideas and am playing
    some non-rated fun games.

    Won 3 already am getting thrashed in another.
    That Englubd gambit is muff if they don't fall for it.

    Here is a win that just finished.
    Everything happens on the a8 square.

    alfeliz v greenpawn Latvian Gambit

    First of all I drop the exchange.
    OK I don't have to worry about developing my a8 Rook.

    Then I cook up a wonderful trap if he plays h3 to my Ng4.

    I'm Black, White to play - what would you do here.

    Take e-pawn with the Bishop. Yes no danger there.
    Look at my out of play Queen on a8.

    Here is the trap.
    I'll show you the mate variation - it's wonderful.

    (if he plays Rxf2 I get some play with Bc5)

    He never fell for it - if he had you have seen this trap posted
    in every forum.

    He took off the Queens and I feared getting ground down.

    But he reacted to my threats.
    He should have sacced back the exchange.
    I lose one of my Bishops and the a1 Rook gets to play.

    You will see it in the full game. I drive his active Rook to a passivve square.

    This arose me to play.

    I cannot get my Rook to the h-file to give the check.
    That bloody Knight. Rf5 then Ne7+.

    But thank God he took the a-pawn.
    I have no idea what I would have done if he never.

    So Rook a8 (this was a key square, a lot happened on here).

    then Ra6-h6+ and surely all the pieces around the King win.

    He moved the Bishop I go Ra6 he sees the fork but not the threat.
    He moved too quick.

    I was happy here, then I saw Ne7+ and Nf5 and still my Rook cannot
    reach the h-file and the g3 Bishopis is being hit.

    But he saw the fork. 26.Nb4 Rh6+ it was all over. (Lucky).

    Here is the full game. (I wish he had fallen for my wee trap).

  2. 02 Jul '10 01:57 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Here is the trap.
    I'll show you the mate variation - it's wonderful.
    When I looked at that variation I thought a smothered mate was incoming but instead it was a staircase to hell. Wonderful mate indeed, a shame he didn't sink the bait.

    Maybe I should reconsider Latvian Gambit for 1.e4 🙂
  3. 02 Jul '10 02:26
    Or perhaps not.

    I came out of the opening very badly.

    This non-rated stuff is OK. The other lad I suppose got into the
    swing of things and perhaps took it as lightly as I was doing.
    A good clean fun game of chess.

    Try one or two UR games - unleash your mind, soar with the Gods.
    (remember why you started playing chess in the first place)
  4. 02 Jul '10 03:57
    That Englund gambit I mentioned where I'm getting beat.

    This was the position when I posted. I'm Black.

    The lad appeared and we traded blows at blitz.
    I spun it aound and won.

    His 17.Bb3 was a baddie.
    I thought my 'clever' 18...Bd5 mated him as Rd1 cover s the flight Sq
    after Bxg2. Never saw the Qh6+ defence. Had to do it ugly though
    had a trap against the undefend Queen at the end and if he goes Kd1
    I take the Rook. Rgi+ is coming.

    Lucky again.

    So that's two out of the fire. But it's always swings and roundabouts in chess.
    I'll now lose two I should have won.