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  1. Standard member wittywonka
    Chocolate Expert
    12 Jan '08 14:27
    Post your queen traps for all to see!

    Game 4233663
  2. 12 Jan '08 14:55 / 1 edit
    Most recent ones:
    Game 4098977
    Game 4466224

    Although not really impressive...
  3. Standard member jockmcgee
    12 Jan '08 16:54
    I was pleased at how quickly this one came about.

    Game 4284331
  4. 12 Jan '08 17:17
  5. 12 Jan '08 17:19
    Originally posted by wittywonka
    Post your queen traps for all to see!

    Game 4233663
    haha...the only one I got on here I ended up losing
  6. Standard member irontigran
    Rob Scheider is..
    12 Jan '08 22:58

    Game 4269330
  7. 14 Jan '08 15:50
    I felt like a grand master of strategy in this one since the action took place on four fronts simultaneously! Afterwards, a local tribal chief offered me his daughter's hand in marriage, six sheep, a ram, a goat and 12 chickens and a rooster. I declined his generous offer, however, but kept the rooster, which I named "Cocky." Enjoy:

    Game 4423412