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  1. 05 May '11 13:55 / 3 edits
    in the opeing if white developed bishop to f4 and black has played nf6 is it acceptable to play h6 to stop it being swapped off after white plays e3?

    -should I allow the opening h file early on?
    -or just play bishop g5 instead of f4 and swap the knight off when black tries to kick it?

    many thanks for your help.
  2. 07 May '11 09:47
    I don't quite follow.A bishop on f4 can swap a knight on f6?You play both colors?
    I don't know the london but if you give a position I'll give you an opinion.For better or worse
  3. 19 May '11 18:24
    I have been playing the London System(1 d4 2 Nf3 3 Bf4) for over twenty years. In many variations, White will play h3 in order to avoid having his bishop exchanged for a knight after ...Nh5.
  4. 19 May '11 20:34