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  1. 06 May '14 22:12
    A wee nature lesson.

    A game of mine where I sac for the sake for the sake of saccing.

    A couple of traps in the Vienna - one has caught one lad on here three times.

    A recent instructive piece of OTB chess that I turn into a theme of the week.
    The theme being RHP players who missed the idea and got mated.

    Blog 4
  2. Standard member Copope
    07 May '14 04:42
    After a few months I have read all of your RHP blogs. I used to be a sound positional player but now I find myself going for (often unsound) middle game attacks on the king a lot more. I have won, and lost, a few games here as a result.
    My best chances of winning are in the end game, but now I have been completely cutting them out. If the attack works the game is over, if it does not, I know enough about endgames to know I'm lost.

    P.S. At lest three times on two blog posts, You have stated that knights can move backwards, This is just not true, and any games showing otherwise is clearly faked.😵
  3. 07 May '14 04:56
    Great blog. A lot of nice patterns to know in the games you show.
  4. 07 May '14 12:21 / 1 edit
    Hi Copope

    "You win some, you lose some." A perfect attitude.

    Here I'm really using these games to have some fun, if i can play what I
    consider enjoyable to view games. (and possibly instructive for the other lads, I'll use it.)

    In that Vienna where I'm Black I would have sacced that Knight OTB and here in an OTB game...

    In a recent game one here I was ready to play an entry in the chapter 'Traps Ridiculous.'