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  1. 15 Oct '14 01:15
    Starts with chess theme puzzle.

    Tricks in the Exchange Lopez. (some lad has caught 8 players with it.)

    The Red Hot Pawn and the Tennis Blunder Ball.

    Ends with a really nice move from round 2 of the RHP Championship.

    Blog 4
  2. 16 Oct '14 08:04
    How about a write up of some of your games from the 2nd round champs.

    There is this mad one with one of your Latvian gambits. Black vs Calexico Game 10790537
    Its never clear to me when this starts to go badly wrong as it looks so wrong from the get go!
    I think i remember a blog you did about the latvian and getting the king to the other side of the board...

    A lichess anlaysis is here and it places you pretty even for most of it. Is that how you saw it?
  3. 16 Oct '14 12:34
    I like that line when White tkaes the h8 Rook. OTB I have wins with that
    and the Qxg6+ line. In C.C. play with no clock (and no shock value) it is
    hard for Black, though theoretically it's meant to hold. (or meant to - my
    theoy is years old.).

    I was hoping the lad would find a real classy finish. After I went wrong
    (somewhere, I've not looked at it.). I actually told him I'm playing on for
    you to find a neat combo so I can blog it. But it was just a crush.

    Doubt if I 'll use it - too many variations. It's an OTB opening.

    I had three/four Latvians on the go at once v good players. All different
    and sharp variations. All good fun.

    There is one game where I thought I was OK but made a plausible move
    that lost. I might see if there is anything in that.
    I don't want to use the blog for excuses why I lose games.
    If I find something light hearted enough and then I'll use it.