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Only Chess Forum

  1. 31 May '08 12:48
    I was asked to alert a few of the other guys when this one was posted.

    Here it is;

    It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway.

    If anybody has seen anything similiar;
    unique games, positions etc etc.

    Send them to me - email address is on the Corner.


    Geoff Chandler (I think).
  2. 31 May '08 15:02
    That should at least be worth a free year from Russ. I'm not from Scotland, and have never seen your column before, but I find your writing entertaining and can see myself spending some time there. Welcome to RHP.
  3. 31 May '08 20:12
    Hi Geoff,

    I discovered your column a couple of years ago. It's very funny and I like it a lot. I've sent you an e-mail regarding the spectacular queen sacrifice that Colin McNab was interested in. Three minutes on found the game.

    Best wishes,

  4. 31 May '08 20:34
    I've not see it yet - but I knew somebody out there
    would find it. Not seen my email yet.

    (I've gone and forgotten my email password - again.
    I've written it down on piece of paper, my wife is out
    for the day. When she comes back she will find the piece
    of paper. That's what she does, she finds things for me.
    And I'll read your email - if not I'll have to communicate
    with the outside world on here forever. Not too bad, I like it

    Been sitting here playing my Latvian gambit tournanment.
    And answering the questions about a wee puzzle I put on the
    puzzle forum about mating with 2 Rooks and Knight and putting notes
    onto a game and listening to The Beatles.

    email me your address for the goodies parcel.
    I have to get rid of these 2nd chess books somehow.

    Thanks from me and Colin.

    (I go on bit sometime don't I.)
  5. 31 May '08 20:43 / 1 edit
    The game was Aitken vs Keffler, Edinburgh 1954. You can find it by searching on for those two players in the historical archive.

    I found one other game by Keffler, and this one was equally spectacular:

    Who was / is this Keffler guy? Did he just play these two games, sixteen years apart, both queen sacrifices forcing mate?

    Edit: Could it be Peter Keffler of Clacton:

    Judging by his game on this page:
    I think it must be!
    A quick Google search suggests Peter Keffler is still with us and is now aged around 85.
  6. 31 May '08 20:56
    Keffler could be Knopfler or what ever his name is.

    He is the father of the guy who leads Dire Straits.

    You know The Sultans of Swing AM/G/F/E I play it the oak
    when I'm drunk.

    He played in the Scottish Championship around about then.

    Well Done.

    The Corner comes through again.

    This is good - I'll answer all my emails from here from now on.

    I'll just give my three most common replies.

    You cannot sue - I'm certified insane.

    Mr Chandler is on holiday - go away

    and NO you cannot uncastle.