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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 19 Jun '09 19:19
    I am unsure of how many times you can repeat a move . What is the rule. I am stuck in a current gameGame 6360158
  2. 19 Jun '09 19:41
    three times the same position and it is a draw.
  3. 19 Jun '09 19:48
    Individual moves can be repeated any number of times. The thing to be aware of is whether you are repeatedly producing the same position on the board. If the same position is reached on the board 3 times with the same player to move, his/her opponent can claim a draw. You might want to ask a moderator if the site software does this for you.
  4. 19 Jun '09 19:55 / 1 edit
    All the rules are explained in the faq. There is something of a conundrum about answering
    questions about a game in progress in the forum, even if it's just to clarify a rule.

    That's because there is also a rule banning third party assistance...and having someone explain the rules with regard to a specific position in a game (rather than you looking them
    up) could be interpreted as third party assistance.

    You play the game with the knowledge you have and with the reference materiel's permitted.

    Having said that I just found this in the faq:

    The help forum is often a good place to get assistance if you are confused by the rules.

    Sort of completing the circle!

    Anyway...not that I mind either way...interesting position and good luck