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  1. 25 Apr '07 13:50
    Game 3458258

    I am beginning my foray into the Sicilian. Then my opponent decides to play the Closed Sicilian, of which I know very little. I'd like to know if my instincts for the opening were correct, and any other analysis anyone could give would be much appreciated. I'd like to thank my opponent as well for playing a good game.
  2. 25 Apr '07 14:26
    Your opening seems fine. You missed a forced mate on move 31.

    31 Nxd4 Bf2+
    32 Kxf2 Qg3++

    Is one line, but they all lead to mate.
  3. 25 Apr '07 14:39
    Good eye. I thought something was there, but I was looking toward h2 (and the offered Knight) at that time. Thanks for your comments.