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  1. Standard member wittywonkaonline
    Chocolate Expert
    21 Feb '07 02:21
    Recently, I have been trying to find a very good player (1800+ relative to my own ranking) who I could play just to have a game to learn from. I have a game in the open invites for players ranked 2000+, but I would even love to play someone 1600+. Unrated or rated, black or white (or maybe even one of each), I just want to play someone distinctly better than I am. So far, anyone I have challenged usually had a minimum rating for challengers. For anyone interested, please message me or respond to this post.

    Thanks, Witty
  2. 21 Feb '07 13:55 / 1 edit
    I'm 1700.....

    and have 2 game slots at the moment....

    (I like 1/7 or 3/7)
  3. Standard member Diet Coke
    Forum Vampire
    21 Feb '07 13:56
    I'm 1655, am I not great?:'(
  4. 21 Feb '07 20:51
    I think you will get more from playing guys 1550 to 1700ish. They will be better than you but not by so much that you get lost in what they are doing.