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  1. Subscriber Ragwort
    Ex Duris Gloria
    07 Feb '14 11:17 / 1 edit
    Last weekend I played in the Under 180 (2050) section at the annual Kidlington Congress.

    This section was won by the former RHP member User 261214.
    User 647337 and I also ran with 2.5/5.

    User 351818's Tactics Time book was amongst those for sale on the bookstall.

    Sadly I do not have access to any of the section winners games since I did not get to play him, so I will present my best effort, played in round one.

  2. 07 Feb '14 14:25 / 1 edit
    I didn't play in Kidlington myself but I went to watch for a while during round 5. The top section looked very tough and I was quite relieved that I didn't enter.

    I will probably be playing the winner of the U180 section, User 261214, in a few weeks time when his team, Didcot, meet mine in the semi-final of the Oxfordshire league handicapped knock-out tournament. My team is in division 1, so we shall have to beat Didcot 4-2 to progress to the final, even though we will be heavily outgraded on all except the top board!
  3. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    07 Feb '14 15:04
    Nice... for many reasons
  4. Donation ketchuplover
    07 Feb '14 21:59
    Originally posted by thaughbaer
    Nice... for many reasons
    I concur