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  1. 11 Jun '14 23:48
    Ever woke up one day and wondered just how many times a White Queen
    has delivered checkmate on f7 in under 10 moves on the RHP database.

    Plus as promised a 64 Squares of pain game.
    Me blundering and getting away with it.

    A line for when you meet 'The Duffers Attack'

    A good game (yes, a good game) featuring a Queen Sac.

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  2. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    12 Jun '14 12:49
    Shucks, I was hoping no-one would ever see that game!

    I never saw the Bd5, and certainly didn't see the mate until the move afterwards.

    Glad I could contribute 🙂
  3. 13 Jun '14 00:02 / 1 edit
    "I never saw the Bd5...."

    I wish I never saw it

    In the end I wrote a cop-out note. (something about it being messy).

    I want to give Black that h1 Rook and play f3 but could see anything to do with that a8 Rook.
    Got a bit bogged down here. (tempted not to mention it.)

    I want clear cut wins and blunders no mess. I don't want to work.
  4. 13 Jun '14 00:38
    Having put my game through the computer now, that strong-looking Nd7 wasn't even close to being the silicon's first move (it suggests Rf7 in defence, preventing a R on the 7th). Not that I'm complaining as it let me perform that nice Q sac (thought process ... that N is pinned against that mate ... how can I shift it ... oh hang on a minute ...)
  5. 13 Jun '14 13:00
    Hi sim

    This will be here with White to play

    Don't worry if a computer does not like your idea. Nothing wrong with Nd7.

    You were snffing about for a plausible looking inexact move and that is what you got as a reward.
    You are playing a human not a machine.

    These things never ever anticipate an inexact move and in over whelming
    positions like this where White is material up and has a stomping attack I've
    seen them play some daft things because they calculate too deeply.

    For instance after 21.Nd7

    Just suppose unknown to us it can see a forced White mate in 22 moves.
    The only way to stop this is to play 21...Qxd7.

    It will not start playing tricks and traps expecting or looking for a slight error,
    nor will it make the best defensive human moves forcing the human
    to play his best moves.

    The mate will be far beyond a humans powers of calculation - they will not
    see what it sees. There is a very strong chance the attacking human will
    choose moves that differ from what the computer sees.

    The computer will play 21...Qxd7 becuase it anticipates only best replies.
    It cannot do anything else. It is a machine. It does not even know it is playing a game.