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  1. Standard member Grampy Bobby
    Boston Lad
    09 Jun '13 02:42 / 4 edits
    "RHP Chess Forum News: Habeascorp vs Sir John Cornforth"

    Originally posted by Habeascorp
    "Do I get a brownie point for having played someone on the list?"

    > "Why certainly, at least from me. If you played to a draw or won, I'll start a thread in your honor! Great Nickname." (gb)

    Originally posted by Habeascorp
    "Played sir john cornforth. As about a 70 year old he was about a 200 ecf. I certainly did not get the draw or win. He got his Nobel prize for pro pro chirality which is the mapping of hydrocarbon mechanisms by the use of heavy hydrogen isotopes. A lovely man."

    Well, Habeascorp, there won't be any writ bringing yours truly into internet high court. I've make good. What a rare privilege those memorable moves must have been. As gentlemen, we'll waive the "draw or win" requirement. As a matter of curiosity, did you save the game's notation? If so, I'm sure greenpawn34 and many others will be interested. Thanks. -Bob

    "Famous People Who Play(ed) Chess" [threadid=153226] (posts on thread page 3)
  2. 09 Jun '13 22:25 / 1 edit
    Very kind. To my shame I had about 4 goes whilst the ethanol distilled but never thought of keeping the moves. A 'simple' but effective style against me. He taught me an important lesson in life. How to pour sparkling wine using liquid nitrogen to demonstrate.