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Only Chess Forum

  1. 05 Jul '14 14:31
    Place the Black King on f6.

    Now add any White units in such a way that the Black King is not
    in check and can legally take on his next move any one of 5 pieces.
    Not Pawns, Pieces.
  2. 05 Jul '14 14:46
    Two rooks, two knights and a bishop.
  3. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    05 Jul '14 14:56 / 1 edit
    No doubt someone will point out I am suffering from check blindness.

  4. 05 Jul '14 15:44
    Originally posted by kbear1k
    Two rooks, two knights and a bishop.
    Sounds correct - use the diagram thingy thing.
  5. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    05 Jul '14 17:11
  6. 06 Jul '14 01:57
    That's it.

    I wanted to post a puzzle that a chess engine that could not help with.