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  1. Subscriber kNIGHTHEAD
    aka DEFIANT
    17 Aug '18 02:21
    In a recent tournament game vs Mrjaws that I had to win, I was with the with pieces and when we reached move 43, I thought for quite a long time.
    When I calculated the Rook sacrifice on move 44, I calculated that every possible move combo all ended with forced mate. However, I have a feeling that I could have missed something. Did I calculate correctly, or is there as possibility that not all possible move combo's do not lead to forced mate? I appreciate any feedback, thanks
    Here is the game...
  2. 17 Aug '18 15:28
    Looks pretty sound to me.
  3. 18 Aug '18 01:54
    Looks Ok.

    Kind of sac I'd play OTB because you do at the very least have a perpetual
    and when the later position appears on the board, then you can look for mates.

    Botvinnik's famous win against Capablanca at AVRO in 1938.
    Botvinnik honestly admits he did not see the mate but suspected
    it might there - he did see he had at the very least a perpetual
    so played a piece sac and won.
  4. 19 Aug '18 11:23
    Stockfish says it's a mate in 14, so I reckon it was ok.