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  1. 06 Apr '15 10:55 / 2 edits
    In a game of online chess of Zynga website the following position was obtained..
    White Pieces - K - g1, Q - g5, B - f7, 4 Pawns - a2, b2, f4 and h4.
    Black pieces - K - h8, Q - e2, B - h3, two Rooks R - f8, d1, four Pawns - a7, c7, g7 and h7.
    The last move was of Black Rd8-d1...
    Obviously it seems White is Checkmated... But Zynga software did not recognise it as Mate and gave chance to white for next move...
    In this position does white King have a one time move of escape by a knight-move ??? For example in this position White King has an escape if one time knight move is allowed for the king in checkmate position.. In this case The white King can make a knight move and capture Black Queen - and escape mate...
    Indian system of rules for chess allows such one time knight move for the King to escape Checkmate.. Has this rule been adopted for International system of chess rules?? If not why does the Zynga software not recognise this position as checkmate for White??
  2. 06 Apr '15 11:20 / 2 edits
    Hi Ranjan,

    You are correct at one time the King was allowed one 'Knights Leap' Castling stemmed from this.

    It looks a glich in the program. These things happen.

    Did you try to make a White move. If it accepted it then try and take the King.
  3. 06 Apr '15 11:31 / 4 edits
    Thanks Greenpawn, ... I think we should take up this issue with the developers of Zynga Chess With Friends software.. In the chessboard position shown, you have missed showing the black bishop on h3 square...I could not move the white king 'coz i was playing black.. My friend playing white.. resigned though the software allowed him a chance to move...
    BTW... How do you convert the PGN positions into graphic Chessboard picture like the one you have done??
  4. 07 Apr '15 01:24 / 1 edit
    [fen]5r1k/p1p2Bpp/8/6Q1/5P1P/7b/PP2q3/3r2K1 w - - 0 1[/fen]

    To post a diagram get a PGN viewer and enter the position into it
    and post it between the [fen] tags like I have. See above.

    Use a simple basic PGN viewer and you will not get any bother at work
    with firewalls and bosses.

    I would not bother complaing to them. It's probably a one off.
    But play your friend again a made up game and see if it happens again.
    Maybe they allow a King to be taken on that site.