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  1. 19 Oct '07 01:34
    I played this a lot when I was about six, just because I liked having my queen out before my opponent in the usual Exchange Variation...
    then I left it becaquse it was cooler to play more popular openings, the ladies loved it when I'd win with the King's gambit...
    anyway, that'll all be in my autobiography later...
    this thread is about the Scandinavian Defence:
    1. e4 d5

    and here, most people take, alternative being the passive 2. d3 and 2. Nc3?!
    here, I want to talk about
    2. exd5

    black's two main options are:
    a.) 2. ... Qxd5
    b.) 2. ... Nf6

    after the one I played with as a kid, 2. ... Qxd5, Nc3 kicks the queen over to a5 with good play for both sides, but Nf6 is just better, because now if Nc3, the exchange leaves the queen in the centre unopposed, so we'll look at this one.

    2. ... Nf6
    3. Nc3

    and now we've reached the crucial fork:
    does black go with the above suggestion?
    3. ... Nxd5
    4. Nxd5 Qxd5
    or does he want to gambit off a pawn for a potential attack with:
    3. ... c6
    4. dxc6 Nxc6

    a couple of years ago, I brought this line up at chess club. a player on this site, abejnood, goes to my school, and he said that 5. Bc4 was the refutal. and it is this that I am particularly interested in.

    3. ... c6
    4. dxc6 Nxc6
    5. Bc4

    and at this time, during chess club, we analyzed two responses for black to try to suggest that his sacrafice was sound.
    5. ... e6
    5. ... Bf5

    the debate went on for the entire hour, and we never reached a final answer. by the next meeting, we had forgotten the Scandinavian, and moved on. now, I want to bring it up, since I just finished a game of blitz (which I drew) against a player who said he liked the opening. I sat here making this thread trying to invent a refutation to the Scandinavian, but couldn't.

    and it is here that my analytical skills fail me...
    is black's sacrafice sound? Can white play for advantage vs. Scandinavian?
  2. 19 Oct '07 01:35
    all that analysis was cut?!?
    grr, scratch that...
    I'll rewrite it in multiple posts in other thread...
  3. Standard member bannedplayer306509
    Best Loser
    19 Oct '07 01:35
    I like it less than the Alekhine...
  4. 19 Oct '07 01:49
    Originally posted by ih8sens
    I like it less than the Alekhine...
    nobody likes it,
    the problem is that they PLAY it
    and I want a refutation to the line I give in the other thread as well as the dumb opening itself...
    let's put a lid on this one, shall we?!?!