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  1. 19 Mar '09 22:35
    I just came across this wild game in a book.

    Note all the knight moves !!!

    * The book is How To Get Better At Chess by Evans, Silman, and Roberts.

    Basically, they just ask a lot of chessplayers various questions (improvement, age, memory, etc) and note the many different (often contradicting) responses.

    It's more of a fun read than improvement book.

    Although, finding out that Tal taught Shabalov positional chess by making him study Petrosian and Ulf Andersson was quite interesting !!!
  2. 19 Mar '09 23:01
    Brilliant and amusing game.
    Seen it before but always worth seeing it again.

    Your quote:

    "It's more of a fun read than improvement book. "

    Is most likely true, but I have picked up a lot from these
    'fun reads'. Sometimes it's just one small note in a game that
    sticks with you forever.
  3. 19 Mar '09 23:51
    What about these knights?

  4. 20 Mar '09 00:51
    I went through that one briefly. Great Game !!!

    I will definitely have to check if this one is in my Speelman book.
    If it isn't, I'll write it down and go over it with a real set.

    Thanks for sharing that one.