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  1. 13 Apr '08 21:04
    Seadevil recently lost a game. However, I don't see why he resigned. He was up 2 pawns and he looked fine position-wise to me. I'm not very good at analyzing games so can somebody please explain this to me?

    That's the link of the game.
  2. 13 Apr '08 21:19
    Black loses a piece no matter what
  3. Standard member irontigran
    Rob Scheider is..
    13 Apr '08 21:57
  4. 13 Apr '08 22:54
    Originally posted by irontigran
    Game 4420095
    Thanks for the link irontigran. Also, thank you to Mac and Sicilian for your explanations. I had no idea any of that could have happened. Thanks again guys.
  5. 14 Apr '08 18:56
    Nice play from White!