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  1. 07 Dec '11 11:22 / 1 edit
    I've been teaching Anastasia's mate (*) to various children in the last few weeks. This meant that I saw the tactic based on 15. Bxd5 in the following OTB game from several moves away.

    (*) See

    I was hoping for something like 22. ... b4 23. Nd8 Qxf3 24. Nxf7#, but was happy enough with what happened!
  2. 07 Dec '11 13:54 / 1 edit
  3. 07 Dec '11 13:56 / 1 edit
    I wanted 23. Ne5 to work and after a minute or so I realised that the rook on a8 was hanging after all the exchanges.

  4. 07 Dec '11 13:58
    Originally posted by greenerpawn
    23...Qxe7 seems to pick up a lot of material for the Q, at first glance.
    I think that will only pick up two knights for the queen because white's queen is hitting the rook on a1.