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  1. Standard member Iron Monkey
    Primal Primate
    08 Feb '08 06:31
    by John Watson.

    anyone read it? i've had a copy for a while, and am re-reading it. seem to be getting a lot more from it this time around. the discussion on dynamic play seems to make sense, but i'm a fairly weak player so i don't really know. any thoughts?
  2. 08 Feb '08 10:24
    Similar experience to you really - I bought it - struggled with it for a bit - then put it back on the shelf to read at a later date. As it's aimed at a higher rated player I can't really make any other judgment. It seems to be a highly regarded book and John Watson is a well respected author (his mastering the chess openings books are v good)- so maybe I'll get some benefit from it sometime in the future.
  3. 08 Feb '08 13:45
    I own it as well, but I won't be reading it for a LONG time. From what I can gather, no one under expert (or at the very least class A) would gain any real benefit from reading such an advanced positional book.