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  1. 11 Apr '11 18:53
    Hey all,

    Some years ago I gave my copy of Lein's Sharpen Your Tactics to a friend. I decided it was time to purchase a new copy and could only find horribly expensive used copies.

    This was a Hays book; is Hays going under? Is someone else publishing the book?

    I truly appreciate your responses because I want an affordable copy of this work.
  2. 11 Apr '11 19:59
    Ouch, Amazon wants $125 US for a used copy?? In what must be a typo, has it for $10 US, but it is out of stock. Sorry, no other help, maybe someone here has a copy.
  3. Standard member nimzo5
    11 Apr '11 20:04
    My copy is toast, I used to carry it around with me for years.