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  1. Subscriber PureRWandB
    CCC Club Leader
    07 May '11 04:27
    After finishing this game, I thought this thread would be not only interesting, but entertaining.... Please post your games....

  2. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    07 May '11 13:43
    I'm at a bit of a loss as to why you accepted the draw.
  3. Subscriber PureRWandB
    CCC Club Leader
    07 May '11 15:19
    Well, I felt as though I had over-extended myself with my Queen/Rook, which were deep in enemy territory. Pulling back the Queen would lose the Rook. I saw the draw opportunity with an opponent who's 200 points higher, so I took it.

    Would you have castled and continued the attack?
  4. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    07 May '11 15:33
    After 16. ... Kg8 then 17. Qxe6+ wins a piece clean and forces off the queens, with a winning position.
  5. 07 May '11 18:07 / 1 edit
    Or 16...Kg8 17. Qh5 g6 (as far as I can see, anything else allows 18. Rh8# ) 18. Rxg6+ Qg7 (18...Kf7 19. Rxg5+ Kf6 20. Qg6# ) winning Q for R, and leaving the Black K totally exposed.
  6. 09 May '11 06:53
    Originally posted by untergang
    [b]Or 16...Kg8 17. Qh5 g6 (as far as I can see, anything else allows 18. Rh8# )
    White cannot play 17. Qh5 because of ...gxh6. The black pawn on g6 isn't forced to ignore the capture.
  7. 09 May '11 06:58 / 1 edit
    Was just looking at this game a little more. you played 13. Qh5. howabout... 13. Rxh7!.. with the idea of KxR, 14. Qh5+ kg8 15. g6! game set match?

    Maybe black has better than 13 ...KxR ? doesnt look like it though. Qh5 comes with a little more force that way.


    p.s. hmm, black's king may get away after 15 ...Re8. Still... it looks like a book checkmate I've seen somewhere... it just seems familiar.
  8. Subscriber PureRWandB
    CCC Club Leader
    21 May '11 04:24
    Thanks guys/gals for the input....

    Here is another game that I just finished.... opponent was 150pts higher.