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  1. Donation ketchuplover
    02 May '12 15:06 / 1 edit
    9189117 games. 25863 accounts. 355.299 games/account 2247.827 games started/day
  2. 02 May '12 16:13
    Where did you get the numbers from?

    The number of games looks right but the number of accounts is too small. I found a user who signed on today with a UID of 688557 - so I presume that is the number of accounts - Russ UID is 1 (when you are number 1 is this like when there was only one train station in the country? What do you do on your own?). I think there are a lot of people who sign up and don't play a single game or only one or two, so the average number of games per account must be much lower - even with honus and zorrothefox playing a million games each.
  3. 02 May '12 19:16
    The number of game seems high.
    Do you think you might have to divide the number you gave two.
  4. Donation ketchuplover
    03 May '12 14:02
    check the player tables. corrections are welcome 🙂
  5. 03 May '12 15:55
    Originally posted by ketchuplover
    check the player tables. corrections are welcome 🙂
    The player tables only shows players active in the last 100 days.
    Go to find player, scroll down and look at how many pages there are.
  6. Donation ketchuplover
    03 May '12 16:54 / 1 edit

    total players is 396,329 players! Player "Polo" joined 17-4-01 yet moved 16-4-01


    games total apparently up to 9250768

    25.04 games per player