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  1. 12 Aug '13 12:07 / 1 edit

    I sheepishly played Rb1, and black took the bait. I didn't notice that after Nxb8, the queen covers c7! Luckily, I kept looking at the position.

  2. 12 Aug '13 13:43
    Brilliant...and honest...who said there is no luck in Chess.
  3. 13 Aug '13 01:29
    Not Quite a smothered mate...the next best thing.

    I was having a torrid time tonight, kept losing on time in won positions or
    saccing the house and getting hammered.
    Some nights I'm unbeatable at blitz, (lucky), other nights I'm a dope (very unlucky.)

    ...then I pulled this off (I got lucky again.)

    He was actually a good lad. In our previous game it was K & R v K & R
    and he was 30 seconds up to my 10 but chopped Rooks for the draw.

    Flick the board so you can see it from my side.

  4. 13 Aug '13 07:09
    Really nice finish ... Talk about using all of your pieces !!!
  5. 13 Aug '13 18:04

    End Of Blitz Game ... I played Qxc7 but instead ...