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  1. 01 Nov '08 18:05 / 1 edit
    In some recent threads Korch and another player were complaining
    about a players playing on in a clear draw.

    In an OTB game I set up a blockade and was wondering why my
    opponent had not accepted my draw offer.

    He suddenly played 52. Kg5 (diagram).

    I shrugged my shoulders and played....

    52...Rg5+ only to see 53.Qxf5 gxf5 54.Kxh5!! 1-0

    I had been diddled. (I#ve swindled 100's of players so I know
    everytime I have to give one back - what goes around - comes around).

    So sometimes ask yourself why the other guy is playing on.
    There may be one last trick in the box.
  2. 01 Nov '08 23:12
    Was it really a swindle? I can't find a continuation in which the queen doesn't overpower black's rook.
    ...Kg8 then Kxg6
    ...Rg7 then Qf6 (...Kh8 loses to Qf8+, ...Kg8 loses to g3 and then black is in zugzswang, and Rg8 seems to lose to the waiting move g3)
    If black pushes the h pawn white simply needs to be sure to capture it with the king and not his pawn.

    Am I missing something?
  3. 01 Nov '08 23:40
    There is no 'waiting move g3' - the pawn is already there. I'm pretty sure the position is still lost though. The black rook shouldn't go to g7 immediately, but I think white can eventually force this defensive position.

    With the black rook on g7 and the white queen on f6, simply Qf8 wins, when Qh6+ followed by taking the pawns will win (or mate if black tries ...Rg8?).

    Of course, I could be missing something too : )
  4. 02 Nov '08 00:03
    I'm just looking at it again.

    it was Bells v Edin West White was over 2000, I was 1900 something.
    Last game to finish.

    Down to to two minutes each in Allegro and it was agreed by all
    all I needed to was stop clocks and claim draw.
    Can recall someone saying just move Rook along 2nd rank.

    But g4 idea opening h-file gives White a new angle.
    White can tack about hitting the Rook and aim for Queen h1+ after g4.

    I don't think it can be saved - good.

    I posted this on the Corner years ago - nobody spotted that idea then.
    Well spotted dzhafner

    It was a neat trap though, and I fell for it.