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  1. 31 Aug '06 15:20
    I was wondering if anyone would take a look at my old games and tell me what I'm doing wrong, or whether or not someone had any advice so I'll stop sucking out at much as I do. I can never seem to get things rolling in my direction. Any and all help will be much appreciated.
  2. Standard member Jee
    31 Aug '06 15:32
    Game 2380791

    I found this one hilarious.

    Well, I think you just don't LOOK at the chessboard, all the blunders are pretty obvious. Just look at what you're doing and at what the other is doing, and try to spot the risk/dangers. Probably some simple puzzle will help you there.
  3. 31 Aug '06 15:45
    You need to work on basic stuff, for example if an oponent takes your piece you need to recapture otherwise you'll be a piece down. Once you've got the hang of that you can work on pins, forks and other tactical ideas. Then (or possibly at the same time) you can work on basic positional ideas.
  4. 31 Aug '06 15:46
    Grofro -

    The list of mistakes are too many too mention in a few of the games I looked at.

    My advice to you would be to play some higher ranked players for free (non-rated games) and get tips from them.