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  1. Standard member paultopia
    High Priest
    09 Aug '08 19:13
    It's weird. I seem to have chess blindness about a specific square -- for some reason, I manage to hang the b pawn to some stupid attack from across the board by the queen in EVERY GAME I PLAY.
  2. 09 Aug '08 19:51
    Give us a couple of examples.

    I had a simliar experience Game 5050497 and left a
    Bishop hanging on d2 - I thought I could then play Ne4
    but the next day I saw a pawn on f3. Luckily my opponent
    walked in a trap a few moves later.
    I came home late after a night a the pub and made the blunder.

    That's it! Perhaps you are drunk.
  3. Standard member paultopia
    High Priest
    09 Aug '08 19:59
    Haha, I like that -- drunkenness is a pretty good explanation.

    Examples: well, two ongoing games are what come immediately to mind, so I won't post them (though I may resign one of them shortly, so I'll post it then).
  4. 09 Aug '08 20:03
    Sorry did not know you were talking about GIP.

    Cannot comment.