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  1. 01 Jun '14 20:29

    All from the latest RHP Championship.
  2. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    01 Jun '14 21:23
    None? 😲
  3. 01 Jun '14 22:33
    You are getting three whole blogs all to yourself. 😉
  4. Subscriber Ponderable
    02 Jun '14 13:48
    Woohoo I made it to the blog...on the price to make a complete fool out of myself. Actually I thought to send the game after I realized how silly I had been...
  5. 02 Jun '14 14:05
    After g5 dxe4, how does Black continue his defence? Is this the line?

  6. 02 Jun '14 15:36
    How are you doing? If I have viewed correctly, the following 2 continuations could have occurred in the game above:

    2... Nc5 is not good because if Rf3, Rh3, Rxh4, Qxh7# is possible. The Knight might be better at f8 defending h7.

    Another thing, With 2...Nc5, 3. Rf3 Nxd3, then 4. Rh3 Bh4 5. Rxh4 Re8 6. Qxh7+ Kf8 7. cxd3 can happen, right?
  7. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    02 Jun '14 16:41
    Originally posted by 64squaresofpain
    None? 😲
    That's because I ain't playing. Otherwise it would be a blunder motherload. 😞
  8. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    02 Jun '14 20:33
    Originally posted by ChessPraxis
    That's because I ain't playing. Otherwise it would be a blunder motherload. 😞
    More than 3 whole blogs worth??

    More Caissa have mercy on us all!
  9. 03 Jun '14 09:02
    Of course! If the black rook on f8 moves away, the mate is avoided. But isn't this possible from the beginning already?
  10. 03 Jun '14 13:46
    Hi Tvo.

    In all the cases White could have played Rh3 and Qxh7+ first before
    dealing with any threat on the other other side of the board.
    It is the kind of position I love messing about with looking for shots and sneaky traps.

    Here is the first chance to pay Rh3 instead of taking on d3.

    1.Rh3 (1...Rf8 gets mated.) 1...Bh5. now take on d3 and then on h5.
    Piece up and the attack is still on.

    The last chance to play it.

    The second chance.

    r2q1rk1/pbp2p1p/1p2p1pQ/3pP3/1b3P2/1P1PPR2/PB1N2PP/R5K1 w - - 0 16

    1.Rh3 Rf8 2.Qxh7+ Kf8 3.Nf3 White is winning.

    The third chance.