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  1. 29 Jun '12 12:12

    Composed for your enjoyment by Leonid Kubbel in 1922
    White to play and win.

    Though two pieces down Black has a runner is the shape of the a-pawn
    which is just two moves from it's coronation.
    Your task is stop the a-pawn or.....(I'll let you figure out what the alternative is.)
    In the very next post I'll post the solution.
  2. 29 Jun '12 12:13 / 1 edit
  3. 29 Jun '12 17:26
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    [FEN "1N6/8/K7/3k4/3p3B/p7/2PP4/8 w - - 0 1"]

    1. Nc6 {That stops the a-pawn. 1...a2 2.Nb4+} 1... Kxc6 2. Bf6 {This also prevents the a-pawn from advancing. 2...a2 3.Bxd4.} 2... Kd5 {Now what?} 3. d3 {This encourages the a-pwn to advance. 3...Kc5 then 4.Be7+ and Bxa3.} 3... a2 4. c4+ {Of course if now 4....dxc3 ep then 5.Bxc3 stopping the a-pawn ...[text shortened]... ing. The King moves so it does not promote with a check.} 5... a1=Q 6. Be7# {Checkmate!}[/pgn]
    That's simply wild!
  4. 29 Jun '12 18:16
    That rocks my world. A thing of beauty.
  5. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    29 Jun '12 18:38
    I was trying to make that mate work without the knight sacrifice. The sac gives you the needed tempo. Cool!
  6. Standard member Exuma
    29 Jun '12 18:53
    Awesome. Thats a smile for weeks