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  1. 29 Jun '08 10:03 / 2 edits
    Here is a joyful game to kick off a Sunday morning blitz session.
    I've just played it on the uchess site (changed name in PGN as I
    do not want anyone knowing me on that site - but as I know how
    sceptical you guys are - PM me and I'll gladly send the details).

    Kicked the Queen about moving my pieces closer to the King.
    Then ignore the Queen and sac my Queen for the mate.

    22 moves and not a piece developed on the Queenside.
    The first piece I develop is my King.

  2. Standard member sh76
    Civis Americanus Sum
    30 Jun '08 15:18
    Very nice!

    That's the kind of attack I dream about, but I would never have the guts to expose my king like that early in the game.
  3. 30 Jun '08 15:30
    You only get to see the one's that work.

    The disasters are somehow never seen.
  4. Standard member Korch
    Chess Warrior
    30 Jun '08 15:32 / 1 edit