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  1. Standard member TippedKing
    Blunder Grandmaster
    27 Nov '05 07:27
    I am really interested in drilling on tactics, but I haven't yet found a way that fits me best.

    I have not tried any of the commercial software packages, like CTArt, which may be just what I am looking for, but would like to hear some feedback before purchasing.

    Things I have tried thus far have been web sites, mostly:

    1), which seemed like it was going to be a great site, but the GMs running it just don't seem very interested in the customers.

    2), which I actually like a lot, but would like something where I can adjust the complexity and time controls.

    What packages have you used, and what did you like/not like about them?
  2. 27 Nov '05 08:46
    I have used:

    and a good book. (Imagination in chess by Gaprindashvili)
  3. Standard member buffalobill
    Major Bone
    27 Nov '05 13:51
    Quite easily the best.
  4. Standard member buffalobill
    Major Bone
    27 Nov '05 15:15
    This also woryhwhile going through: