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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. Standard member ivan2908
    11 Sep '08 16:45 / 2 edits
    Who plays it for serious ?

    Yes, I am aware that this is "chess only" forum but this forum has nothing to do with chess for a long time And if there even arise some interesting chess related thread, it gets highjacked before you even say "chess".

    This is my protest note. So, if you move this thread, move other threads too.

    Returning to poker, how many chips do you have on your facebook account ?
  2. 11 Sep '08 17:26
    Lots of chess-players play poker seriously - I guess Alexander Grischuk would be the biggest chess name to play.

    I think ex-US champion Walter Browne was quite a serious player a while back (maybe still is?).

    Stewart Reuben, the International Arbiter wrote an excellent guide to No-limit Texas Holdem which I read last year.

    There are lots more, but I can't recall them off-hand...

    ...I played a lot on PokerStars last year, did reasonably well for a while (I could hold my own on the $109 sit'n'go's' and $1/2 cash tables, but found the downswings too hard to handle without a very healthy bankroll. Oh yeah, and my girlfriend got fed up with me -chess AND poker was a bit too much : )
  3. 11 Sep '08 17:29
    I'm 100% ignorant about poker.Would it be possible to invent a Texas hold 'em chess variant?
  4. 11 Sep '08 18:19
    I much prefer chess but poker is in a totally different category. This thread does not belong here and just because others don't does not mean that you should make the same mistakes.
  5. 11 Sep '08 18:29
    I love Texas Holdem and play it every day and study the game. I do well and am headed towards doing it as a full time job.
  6. 11 Sep '08 19:13
    I love hold'em and I'm reasonable good at it. However I generally only play for fun money as I won't bet what I can't afford to lose, and nowadays I can't afford to lose anything on gambling.

    Perhaps we could arrange an RHP poker game on a site such as "Absolute Poker"?
  7. 11 Sep '08 20:45
    That would be fun I play on that site a lot.
  8. Standard member Wulebgr
    11 Sep '08 22:10 / 1 edit
    I used to play poker, but I'm boycotting it because the poker books are driving the chess books off the shelves in the bookstore. Texas Hold 'em is a stupid game.