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Only Chess Forum

  1. 05 Mar '13 16:40
    You just have to get a copy of this.

    Plus Roma45 who have milked a very old trap/trick dry.

    The Duck meets Wolfman (more pics of The Duck in America.)

    geothermik - MatMann RHP 2010 [gid] 7667059[/gid]
    You can skip though this now and see if you find some of the other blunders
    that I missed out or failed to mention.

    Pic of the latest Scottish Chess (The Duck is getting International recognoition.)

    I think this is the best blog since sliced bread.
  2. Standard member chessicle
    The Chessicle
    05 Mar '13 20:54
    I disagree. Too thin on the chess.
  3. 05 Mar '13 22:13 / 1 edit
    I disagree, the chess is just about right.

    It works!
    Used it an OTB game last night. I won in 20 moves against a GM.
    Opponent complained I was talking myslef during the game and kept sniffing my score sheet.

    The bad news.
    The spider web tattoo has turned septic, I may have to lose a leg.

    The good news.
    I put my pulled teeth under the pillow and scored £1.25 from the tooth fairy.

    (anybody else having any er....teething problems?)
  4. 06 Mar '13 04:10
    You won't catch me with that trick now!
  5. Subscriber roma45
    st johnstone
    06 Mar '13 10:22
    Originally posted by e4chris
    You won't catch me with that trick now!
    see you on monday night, i will have a try...
  6. 07 Mar '13 04:41
    I've left a tip! I want that book!
  7. 07 Mar '13 14:58
    ok someone didn't like the tip! but it is true if your new tattoo is burning up...

    Anyway good work!
  8. 07 Mar '13 15:11
    Have had left leg removed this morning and had it replaced with metal leg.
    Doctor said I was the 10th person this week having a leg removed with a spiders web tattoo on it.

    Have fitted pocket Marvin MKIII computer inside new left leg and wired it up to teeth.

    Nose camera stuck and I cannot switch it off, it is transmitting everything I see...
    ...and I mean everything onto my facebook page and facebook are going to sue
    me for indecent exposure.

    I have asked for a refund on the $999.99. I'll keep you updated.
  9. 07 Mar '13 15:20 / 2 edits
    ok keep taking the pills
  10. 07 Mar '13 15:21

    Maybe one day I'll get a blank chessboard tattooed on my back.
    Then when I die I'll get my bones carved into chess pieces, they
    can skin me and I'll be a chess set. I think I would like that.
  11. 07 Mar '13 15:38
    I have no tattoos and i'm not tempted, tho i have seen a few cool ones, this guy i know has iron maidens eddy ... back from when he thought they were cool... those ear plugs they were nowadays to, they make me chuckle, they will so regret that later.