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  1. 18 Feb '15 01:14 / 1 edit
    I often pop in to watch a few games.

    I've noticed if you watch a few moves on one game then switch
    to another game the system flicks you back and forth between
    the two games when a move is made. Not tried it with three games.

    Anybody else notice this? It's good fun.
  2. 18 Feb '15 15:14
    I enjoy taking a few minutes watching the blitz games.
    Often I'm screaming at the board.

    This just happened. Brusamp - Rookguy.
    I've discovered if you save the game you do not get the names
    so you have to be quick in getting the names.

    And this was from a few minutes previous. I did not know then you never saved the names

    The thing is still switching between games if you spectate at one,
    come out and spectate another game.
  3. Subscriber Ponderableonline On Vacation
    20 Feb '15 11:23
    OK, I tried this and the effect was can you still follow anything?
  4. 20 Feb '15 15:29
    Is is a good laugh. I hope they don't fix it.
    You get to view two games at once.
  5. Subscriber moonbus
    24 Feb '15 04:10
    Like clicking through tv channels, is it?
  6. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    24 Feb '15 05:57
    Originally posted by moonbus
    Like clicking through tv channels, is it?
    I haven't tried, but I think it's more like a television set which automatically changes channels for you when the adverts come on, and then switches back when they are over.
  7. 04 Mar '15 08:49
    Where is the so called switching back and forth games? How do we view them?