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  1. 13 Jun '18 11:17

    A picture of the ‘nameless’ mascot for this years Chess Olympiad.

    Carlsen playing a horrible move and losing by following a Rule of Thumb it
    was caught and transmitted world wide by one of these electronic chessboards.

    Thankfully these things did not exist back in the day. I and many others from
    G. M’s to No M’s have all played moves like this but they were not recorded.

    There follows a few examples of electronic chessboards getting it wrong.

    A piece of detective work to reveal what game from 1972 is on the cover of a Purdy book.

    Back to Rules of Thumb and Traps culminating in a wonderful game from 1966.

    Blog Post 385
  2. Standard member nevare
    13 Jun '18 15:08 / 3 edits
    Good post. Remember when Kasparov played Judit Polgar and he took his hand off the piece but realized it was a bad move so he moved somewhere else. I believe it was a knight and they had to watch the video tape to see that he did take his hand off the piece. Maybe electronic chess sets in the future will be able to detect that? Each piece would need a sensor...expensive but not impossible. Anyways....the tournament director decided in Kasparov's favor but the video never lies. He cheated...sort of. I like Judit. I'm so hungover right now.
  3. 14 Jun '18 11:30
    I remember that incident. Linares 1994, Kasparov won.

    here Kasparov played 36...Nc5 instantly changing his mind and played 36...Nf8.

    I don't think due to the very few incidents of this nature sensory pieces are
    needed. For every 100,000 games there is a major 'touch move' incident
    Off the top of my head I can only recall another two since 1994.
  4. Standard member nevare
    14 Jun '18 16:27
    What's wrong with Ktc5?
  5. Donation ketchuplover
    14 Jun '18 18:14
    Originally posted by @nevare
    What's wrong with Ktc5?
  6. Standard member nevare
    14 Jun '18 18:51
    ahh I see now. Thanks. I'm more of a mustard kind of guy.
    Bc6 forks rook and queen and the Kt at c5 blocks his own rook from covering c6. If I wasn't so stupid I might have seen all of that before.
  7. Standard member afx
    30 Jun '18 19:36
    I knew the Sokolov- Ruzhnikov game, before I played this one
  8. 01 Jul '18 08:29
    Hi AFX,

    Game 4089756 It's a pity that here. (White to play)

    White appears to have nothing more than a draw with 11.Ng5