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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 05 Feb '14 20:33
    It's all about.....

    No I won't tell you, you will have to read Blog 4
  2. 06 Feb '14 02:13
    Damn fine blog. Lots of real chess.
  3. 06 Feb '14 13:55 / 1 edit
    Hi Fat Lady,

    Too real, (that was hard work) it's much easier when wallowing up to my neck
    in God awful blunders. Then I'm as happy as a pig in muck.

    I've tracked down that other story, the one you found, about a cursed chess set.
    It's on it's way from E-Bay.

    What we want is a cursed Chess Site. One visit and it sucks grading points
    out of your skin like a vampire.

    Speaking of Chess Sites, I've joined (no sub yet) under the tag of Sally Simpson.

    It did not take me long to rattle a few cages. 😉
    (same old crap. Computers...this time I chose Houdini...are naff)

    I'm supplying RHP examples of how 1400 RHP lads playing moves
    and won whereas given the same position Houdini would have lost.
    This kind of thing.

    tower888 - beastial pride RHP 2008 Game 4867930 (White to play)

    White played 9.Qh3 Black took the Rook and White mated Black with 10.Qc8.

    No computer would play 9.Qh3 and yet, a then graded 1420 player, spotted the
    shot and went for it.
    A box would have played 9.Qf3 but being a piece and pawn down 9.Qh3 was
    the best practical chance.

    It is a skin cat position. 9.Qf3 or 9.Qh3 Either way the Queens are coming off.

    The computer just can not understand that a human can make a blunder.
    When it is looking at positions and sticking on it's 0.14+ number, how many
    other very plausible human tricks and traps is it dismissing?

    Quite a different breed across there. Some of them really hate Nakamura.
    Infact hate is to tame a word. I see no reason why, he is a good chess player,
    a very good chess player, not a murderer.